Hutox 100U


Hutox 100U – botulinum toxin type A with a high degree of purity of 99.8%. This level is considered a new quality standard in the global market. The drug is a muscle relaxant of peripheral action and provides temporary correction of wrinkles.

Strengths of Hutox:

  • quick and visible effect of the procedure
  • long action
  • comfortable procedure
  • the loyal cost of the product
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Scope of Hutox 100u

  • correction of wrinkles on the forehead, neck between the eyebrows, “rabbit wrinkles”
  • correction of nasolabial folds
  • botox lifting
  • blepharospasm
  • sweating control

The duration of the effect of 4-6 months.

Product composition: Botulinum toxin type A, Human serum albumin 0.5mg, Sodium chloride 0.9mg

Hutox 100u

Weight: 30 g

Volume: 1 vial, 100 units

Manufacturer: Huons Global Co., Ltd., South Korea

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Made in Korea


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